Employer Testimonials

NEPA is nationally known for its dedicated and highly productive workforce. In fact, esteemed national site selection consultant John Rhodes of Moran, Stahl & Boyer said, “It’s almost like Northeast PA defines what work ethic is. People come to work with an eagerness and a willingness to get the job done.”


We have virtually no absenteeism because our employees are so committed to making life better for our patients. All of them understand that when you get into healthcare, you have to put patients first – it just comes with the territory.

Harmar D. Brereton, M.D.
Northeast Radiation Oncology Centers


Our Men’s Wearhouse Pittston distribution center fulfills the tuxedo needs of all MW stores located in the Northeast sector of the country. Located just hours from all of our major markets, we have the capability of ef­ficiently servicing our stores on a daily basis. Our current location also provides accessi­bility to an ample workforce experienced in distribution and at competitive wages. Along with a strong sense of community, these are just some of the advantages of operating in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Tom Gaynord, General Manager
Men’s Wearhouse
Jenkins Township, PA


Northeastern Pennsylvania is an ideal place for a distribution facility. Lower operating costs, fast shipping to the largest population centers, and access to a large, motivated workforce are just a few of the factors that made us decide to locate our largest distribu­tion facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Joe Ellman, Director of Operations
Discount Dance Supply
Forty Fort, PA


Northeast Pennsylvania was a great location for establishing our electric utility warehouse distribution center. The interstate highway system allows us to efficiently receive and ship products to our customers. In addition, the available workforce allowed us to start up a green field distribution operation in a short time frame.

Dan Morrison, General Manager
HD Supply
Mountain Top, PA


The five interstate highways that connect in Northeastern Pennsylvania make it very easy for us to distribute our products to more than one third of North America’s population over­night. This area’s great access, combined with a dedicated and highly productive workforce, has helped Benco Dental become the nation’s largest independent dental distributor.

Rick Cohen, Managing Director
Benco Dental
Jenkins Township, PA


With its excellent geographical location, ar­eas of Northeastern Pennsylvania are easily accessible from New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, with major interstate high­ways, international and regional airports, and ports providing a strong and efficient in­termodal network.

Mark Pisano. Operations Manager
J.P. Boden Services, Inc.
Jenkins Township, PA


Our work force at the Entenmann’s Pittston DC confirms that the NEPA strong work ethic is indeed fact and not a myth. Our employees treat the business as if they own it and pay close attention to detail to ensure that the job is done right. In addition, there is a strong sense of community within the work force that further reinforces the decision that our company made to locate their first ever cake distribution center in this area.

George J. Mantel, Jr. Distribution Mgr.
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Jenkins Township, PA


Since relocating our US based call center to Wilkes-Barre in November of 2007, C3i has had the opportunity to recruit and train more than 175 technical people to support our pharmaceutical clients. The workforce in NEPA is very strong, and we are continually able to obtain excellent people who are qualified, professional and dedicated to quality. Our customer satisfaction scores, which are a direct evaluation of our call center personnel, average 96%.

Robert Jones, CFO
Plains Township, PA


I have been a manager in varying industries now for over 35 years. I have had the ability to establish new facilities and have had first hand involvement with varying work forces in 6 different states. During this time the workforce ethics varied from state to state and industry to industry. I can honestly say that coming back to Pennsylvania and managing a facility where the employees care about their job, have a strong feeling of ownership of their company, and the motivation level to exceed is exciting and beneficial to our facility and company. I have not encountered this work ethic in many of the locations I have managed and lived in. Northeast PA is a company’s best found option for exceeding their expectations.

Bill Welliver, Facility Manager
Hanover Township, PA


The workforce here (Scranton) is very strong. The work ethic is fantastic. We feel a lot of our success as a company is due to the fact that our associates have a genuine concern about doing a great job for our customers. That’s what makes us successful in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Dick Kane, President
Kane Is Able
Scranton, PA


The key reasons for our success in distribution in Northeastern Pennsylvania are:
• Low overhead
• Low taxes
• An inspired workforce with a great work ethic
• A hometown flavor
• And more…

Ray Lick, Wilkes-Barre Regional Manager (RET.)
Henry Schein, Inc.


Even though we own and operate 73 retail stores from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and upstate New York…I can tell you that the very best people we have working for us can be found right here in Northeast PA.

David Hawk, Chairman
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates


We have a tremendous group of dedicated, hardworking people who helped us pull together a triumphant year. We have a very, very productive team. We moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania from Yorktown Heights, which is about 45 minutes north of Man­hattan, and we’ve found this to be a very cost effective area to find intelligent, skilled people.

Jessica Chesman, President


We have a great workforce. We have capable people who are pas­sionate about achieving their goals. We are in a low-cost area yet we have people with the skills you might think you would find only in a high-cost area. Everything in Northeast PA is just right. It’s the Goldi­locks theory of doing business.

Scott Meuser, Chairman & CEO
Pride Mobility Products Corporation


In practical terms, our reason for being here is that we have a very high-quality workforce, which is interested in doing good work. The core of our business is not based on high output. We make highly-engineered products at generally low volume. We don’t focus on large degrees of automation…so we really do depend upon a workforce that has a lot of individual skill. And we cross train our people for that reason…A lot of our employees can do various jobs. The people here are very capable and committed to learning a variety of skills – and their work ethic is outstanding.

Peter Frieder, Jr., President
Gentex Corporation
Carbondale, PA


Our employees are spirited and have a great deal of passion when it comes to their work and our company’s mission to protect against diseases and save lives. In fact, our employees are so positive about the work they do, they serve as ambassadors for the company…helping brand us within the community. This region is just loaded with great colleges and universities, and we’re so close to New York and Philadelphia – they’re each only about an hour and a half away.

Brian Crocefoglia, Senior Director, Staffing, HR
Sanofi Pasteur, Swiftwater, PA


Our Northeastern Pennsylvania employees are amazing. If you give them a problem or goal and divide them into teams and give them the basic tools…they will come up with the right solution. They have a very good work ethic. Our retention is higher and our absenteeism is lower than the average in our industry. This year alone we are giving out more than 70 awards to employees with over 15 years of service.

Rudy Singh, P.E., Director of Manufacturing
Berwick Offray LLC
Berwick, PA


The Hazleton plant has been the best-performing plant for at least the last 10 years. Soon, we are going to be passing out about 30 service awards to employees who have been here 20, 25, 30, 35 years.

John Kittredge, Vice President of Marketing
Hazleton, PA